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 If You Want To Join In Clan
Posted by Jaxx - 10-10-04 23:41 - 0 comments
If you want to join in Real Rainbow clan, you can write in this section a message with your nickname, country, and reason to join us. We answer to you in this section.
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 Is Anybody Out There??
Posted by Tackleberry - 01-24-05 22:08 - 1 comments
hey guys!

can anyone tell me why there is noone of u online anymore? i just see zid a few times and noone else. and it would be nice if someone can post some news about server.

thank u!

hope i see u later!
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 Happy New Year!!
Posted by Jaxx - 12-31-04 18:02 - 1 comments
Happy new year to all clan members!!!

See you in the next year, may be with new version of rainbow six in spring 2005...
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 News - Ubisoft - News
Posted by Tackleberry - 12-24-04 14:09 - 0 comments
Hey guys! And i wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

.... but what i wanna say is: UbiSoft creates Rainbow Six 4 now biggrin.gif

.... and what i wanna know is: will you all change??

here are some screenshots from the X-Box version:



Release is in 2nd quarter of 2005
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 Merry Christmas
Posted by Robelix - 12-24-04 11:22 - 0 comments
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all clan members, waiting the new server...
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 Im So So Soryy Guys
Posted by Soloser - 12-13-04 16:08 - 1 comments
mad.gif As you guys know server is down!!! unsure.gif

Some ppl has hack to my pc and they made it a big problem for me to run the server without firewall. As you see if FIREWALL is activated nobody see the server on multiplayer mod. That is why I will not run the server before the New Year or the first week of 2005. Im gonna have a new pc that way I can run server as good as hacker killer.

Maybe its best for me to do that and I am sorry for I cant play or run server

Have a good day my buddys SoloSer

Im realy soryy for what I did bud I didnt have easy days last few wks and now I m back too trackt. I was my bad I didnt tell u guys. pls for give me!!! unsure.gif
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 Where Is Server?
Posted by Jaxx - 11-20-04 01:13 - 4 comments
Hi people, i cannot find the server... where is it? some problem? it's not the first time that it happens.
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Posted by Tackleberry - 10-27-04 18:03 - 0 comments
New updates for our most loved pc-game are out now!

RavenShild V.1.60 and AthenaSword V.1.10!

Server will be updated today and u can download the patches in your rainbow six auto-updater or on your rainbowsix site www.ravenshiel.com or .de or whatever!

please do that soon - cya then!

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Posted by Blue - 10-17-04 22:48 - 3 comments
I think we need to sort out all the maps on the server. Some members do not know what maps are required or where to get them. If you have them then some can be the wrong version. This is totally unacceptable and not the way it should be. I suggest we only use maps that are from one or two file servers and that we publish on the web site what the current map list is.
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Posted by Jaxx - 10-14-04 01:55 - 0 comments
Hi all, may be it's time to change clan armpatch.... cool.gif
We have a great "armpatcher" in the clan: Tackleberry!!!
As you can see in group image, he made a good job, but the great news is that he says to can do a personal armpatch for everyone, so all members will get an own armpatch with his name!!! ohmy.gif
So tell me what you think about.
Thanks to Tackleberry.
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 The Web Site
Posted by Jaxx - 10-12-04 23:02 - 0 comments
Have you seen the last updates on web site? We have a new page for member list!!! biggrin.gif I think member list page is the best one, thanks to Soloser!! tongue.gif
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